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About Me

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Insuasti, and I am a rising junior at Florida Atlantic University High School. As a fully dual-enrolled student, I have experience taking high-level college courses at FAU and have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I have also been a part of gifted programs and have received numerous Honor Roll awards.

Ever since I was a young child I remember how fascinated I was with learning. Learning grew to be one of my most driving passions. All I wanted to do as a little girl was to learn more and more. The beauty of learning was that I could learn about anything I could ever want. The possibilities were endless to me. This led to my immediate interest in school. The sad truth, however, is that schools nationwide are starting to prioritize learning less and less, but rather pushing for performance. I myself have recognized how much I lost myself in the pursuit of wanting to be the best student. I failed to remember why I enjoyed school in the first place and realized I had not given myself time to pursue my interests at all. 

Elizabeth Insuasti

Now don't get me wrong, all students in some way should be striving to improve themselves, but not in order to reach some standard or compare themselves to others. Each students' learning experience and journey are highly unique. I believe that every student can achieve greatness and reach their specific learning goals, whatever they may be, whilst also enjoying the process. The goal of the Bright Learners Club is to facilitate a love of learning and passion for it that will inevitably aid in students' school performance, but also benefit them later in life as they decide what they want to study in college.
I want to share my love for learning with middle school students who might have lost the fire for it in the midst of the pressure school might place on them. With guidance from our qualified tutors, every student can nurture their pursuit of knowledge.


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